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CoronelDP's Classified Tracker 2010.11

CoronelDP's Classified Tracker ?A business man awakes from sleeping on his advertised mattress, showers with advertised soap, shaves with an advertised razor, puts on advertised clothes, drinks a cup of advertised coffee, drives his advertised car to his business, which is failing because he believes that advertising doesn't work. He then advertises his business for sale when it is about to go under.? Advertising is a very important and vital part of all successful businesses. If advertising did not work, why would large companies spend over $2.5 million for a 30 second Super Bowl commercial?   Why would companies continually advertise the same products, over and over again? The answer is simple - advertising does work! The problem is that for the average entrepreneur advertising can be time consuming and very expensive. While large companies have large advertising war chests to tackle this and can afford hit and miss advertising to see which ads work the best, the average entrepreneur does not. Thus, we have developed a classified tracking program, especially created with the aggressive entrepreneur in mind, called The Electronic Classified Tracker. This program has over 2, 000 sites that you can immediately post to. Even the most experienced Internet surfers and site hunters would take weeks to compile this list of sites. And most of these sites allow you to place FREE classified ads! These free ad sites provide a great method to try different ad copies you create to see which ad pulls in the best leads.

Publisher: Coronel Data Processing, LLC
Downloads: 0
Date Added: 2013-01-16
Date Release: 2010-11-24
License: Shareware
OS Support: Win98, WinXP
File Size: 2020.00 Kb
Languages: English
Price: 199.95 USD

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