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HsTcp2Com (Professional Edition) 2.0

HsTcp2Com (Professional Edition) HsTcp2Com is a communications application for Windows which allows to forward / bridge data between serial ports (RS232, bluetooth, IrDA, USB) represented as COM ports and TCP/IP connections or UDP/IP links. In the simplest scenario it is an COM port to TCP/IP converter, but it can bridge data between any combination of COM and UDP or TCP ports, with TCP ports in either client or server modes. Use HsTcp2Com to connect data collection devices such as modems, sensors, bar code scanners, meters, wireless devices, PBXes, any serial instruments to the serial ports of the PC and access that data from anywhere over an IP based network. Features * Unlimited number of links each interconnecting 2 ports in any combination shown above are able to operate concurrently * Any COM port to any other COM port (total 100 COM ports are currently supported) * COM port to TCP/IP (TCP client mode) * COM port to TCP/IP (TCP server mode) * COM port to UDP * TCP/IP client to UDP * TCP/IP server to UDP * TCP/IP server to TCP/IP client * UDP to UDP * Up to 32 links each interconnecting 2 ports in any combination shown above are able to operate concurrently * Automatic port re-connect of disconnected or failed ports * Program configuration for links and groups is stored in CSV files which can be edited both at program run time from within the application or offline externally before booting up the program Data Forwarding (packetization) Options: * Forward instantly on data receive * Forward on buffer full * Forward on inter-character timeout * Forward on frame end character Diagnostic and Statistics Functions: * Port status display * Port receive and transmit counters * Event log displayed on screen and saved to file * Data traffic trace in ASCII or HEX displayed and saved to disk file * Data traffic echo function (port loopback) * Data traffic generation function (specified buffer senton a timer) * Send specified single buffer function

Publisher: Hillstone Software
Downloads: 5
Date Added: 2009-09-06
Date Release: 2009-02-21
License: Shareware
OS Support: WinXP, Windows Vista
File Size: 410.00 Kb
Requirements: XP / Vista / 7
Languages: English
Price: 200.00 USD

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