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Category - Network & Internet / Search & Lookup Tools

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Fast indexing and clustering meta search tool base on Latent Semantic Analysis or LSA. iMetaSearch gathers results (web pages, blogs, messages, papers, etc) from search engines. It then uses LSA-produced concepts to index and cluster results.
8 Download
TopicCrunch lets you dig deep in a Web search without having to manually submit many search requests and wade through pages of results. It focuses only on domains, and eliminates duplicates. The results are presented in a clickable local web page.
11 Download
LAN Search software search files across your LAN. You can search for specific file names or for files of a certain kind (e.g. all MP3 files). Utility provides a lightning fast search engine and includes the ability to search hidden network resources.
13 Download
custom search with specific and tailored results. The download version of the search tool will run on any Windows-based operating system. If you are uncomfortable installing software, there is also an online version of the search at our site.
6 Download
SoftFuse Whois is a domain tool that presents you with all available domain information, plus Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank ratings. The program has a remarkably simple interface and supports all generic and country-code TLD domains.
5 Download
Mortgage foreclosure Search Utility. There's also a free online version you can use without downloading or installing anything at our site. The online version will work with Windows or a computer with any other operating system.
9 Download
A simple Reverse Mortgage background and provider information search for Canada. This version of the search tool is Windows-based. If you don't like installing software there is also an online version of the search tool that should run on any OS.
4 Download
Simple and easy to use information search for Shared Appreciation Mortgages. This version of the search tool runs on Windows. If you're using another OS or uncomfortable with installing software, there is also a free online version on our web site.
7 Download
A very easy to use search tool that helps you find info about credit ratings and how you might go about fixing yours if you have had any problems. There is also an online version if you don't want to use the desktop one at
6 Download
A simple and easy to use Self Certification Mortgage Search tool. The downloadable version of this tool installs on any Windows operating system and if you are not currently a Windows user there is an online version that you can use at our web site.
10 Download

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