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Progressions 1.0

Progressions C programs to solve problems related to arithmetical and geometrical progressions. All programs were compiled on microsoft quick c. (System: intel celeron 1.7 GH, windows 2000) ARITHMETICAL PROGRESSION (1) program to find value of a term when any two terms are given. example: the 54th and 4th terms of an AP are -61 and 64 find the 23rd term. (2) program to find common difference when first term, last term and sum is given. (3) program to find three numbers in AP when their sum and product are given. (4) program to find first term when sum of n terms and common difference is given. GEOMETRICAL PROGRESSION (1) program to find first term when sum, last term and r (common ratio) is given. (2) program to find common ratio when first term, last term and sum is given.

Publisher: Freelance programmer
Downloads: 10
Date Added: 2009-07-11
Date Release: 2009-07-11
License: Other
OS Support: WinXP, Windows2000
File Size: 18.00 Kb
Requirements: microsoft quick C (2.0)
Languages: English
Price: 1800.00 USD

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