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Samclean XP 6.04 beta

Samclean XP Samclean is a Systems And Memory Cleaner for XP Home, Office and PRO only. It will not work on any other OS. (S.A.M) Once installed simply right click on recycle bin to start Samclean. Samclean is much more than the label on the box, first of it is FREE, secondly it can do alot of cool things that would take you several programs to complete. It is much more than a Systems And Memory cleaner. Samclean comes with some tools as well that came be found in your directy folder in C:/Sam/Tools, check them out! One that is kinda cool is the IP tool. XP is a bugger to use and find your IP address, and this can be useful when adding Web Cams, or game servers. Use Samcleans IP tool in the tools folder to easly find your IP number. Here is the short list of what it can do. Comes with several mouse and menu tweeks when installed. Samclean deleted aggressivly all temp files. Comes with a memory swap that cleans your memory by swapping from swap to ram. Comes with a built in virus detection system. Has a Pentium chip flaw tester. Spywear remover. Can create a restore point DNS and IP renewal and fixes. Flushes DNS server. Adds extra options to windows default disk cleanup and much more! Samclean 6.04 is the most upto date version currently. Samclean (beta) is a Systems And Memory cleaner for XP only that I have created and compiled together over time. I got tired of having to click in multi spots just to clean up my PC and free it of unwanted files. S.A.M -Clean deletes, repairs, cleans and much more! Comes highly recomended by many people. Once installed you simply right click on your recycle bin to access the program.

Publisher: Electric Zombie Corporation
Downloads: 14
Date Added: 2009-11-18
Date Release: 2009-11-18
License: Freeware
OS Support: WinXP
File Size: 3.77 Kb
Requirements: Must have XP home, office or pro installed.
Languages: English
Price: 0.00 USD

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