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Category - Security / Covert Surveillance

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SIM Card Seizure uses a SIM card reader to recover SIM card data including deleted text messages. Find out if they're cheating on you. See who your kids are texting. Simply put the SIM card in the included reader, download the data, and analyze.
10 Download
Spy SMS software is the next generation of smartphone spy software. It allows you to monitor SMS activities of a particular target cell phone. You can activate or deactivate the SMS forwarding feature at any time you wish.
8 Download
Data Doctor Pocket PC examiner software displays windows mobile phone OS registry detail, memory status, database record and other hardware detail. PDA mobile forensic utility shows cell phone model number, text messages and contact numbers etc.
8 Download
Computer monitoring Keylogger application store all typed keystrokes including special character used for login name, password, website, search keyword, chat conversation and many more in secure log file and not detect by any anti-Keylogger software.
13 Download
Pocket PC forensic investigator scans your smart phone and gathered useful information such as hardware architecture, memory status, saved files (text documents, music, pictures, images etc) and creates report in text or html file format.
4 Download
Professional PC surveillance utility provides a password protected encrypted hidden log file which contains typed keystrokes, complete computer activities, records multiple user accounts including name and passwords both and visited websites URLs.
18 Download
PDA surveillance tool examines Pocket PC model, SIM card IMSI and cell phone IMEI number, corrupted audio, video and picture files as well as folders, installed application, music songs, database and OS registry records detailed information.
4 Download
Invisible keylogger application automatically records all typed keystrokes including email, text document and other information in hidden encrypted log file and similarly captures all Windows screenshot at regular interval of time.
15 Download
Real-time video monitoring on your mobile phone. You can view live images from your cameras on cell phone using any kind of internet connection from any location in the world.
13 Download
Block pesky ads, popups, pop under & spying cookies in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla, AOL, Opera. Can also be started manually or at windows startup or with your browser window startup. Instant Notification - Play one of many sounds.
16 Download

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