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Texas Calculatem 4.3.28

Texas Calculatem Increase your edge when playing poker online at more than 100 poker sites. Texas Calculatem is one of the most popular poker sidekicks on the internet today. Is your opponent already using it? Texas Calculatem's intuitive interface shows you your exact situation at a glance. The table, advice bar, and odds chart give you just enough information without being overwhelming AND is helpful for players of all skill levels. The advice Texas Calculatem gives is excellent for a novice who is beginning to explore the online poker world, and the suggested play is often good enough on its own. For a more seasoned player who knows how to make some moves, information such as hand's odds, the odds of opponents making certain hands, number of outs, pre-flop hand strengths and Sklansky score is very helpful in determining the best play. As you improve as a player Texas Calculatem from will help you along the way. Using Texas Calculatem is easiest when you use the AutoRead setup. With a simple drag, drop and click action Texas Calculatem automatically reads all the information at the table and gives an instantaneous overview of how you are doing in your hand. The options section allows you to change the type of Calculatem's suggestions to match your style. Tight or loose playing styles can be adjusted for, and pre-flop and post-flop can be set up individually. When you're playing online it's essential to play the sharpest game possible, because your competition is already using the tools to give them an edge. With 24/7 support available to make your gaming experience the best possible one, there is no reason not to let yourself play better poker. Don't be left behind when playing poker online, get Texas Calculatem from today!

Publisher: Mutatum Solutions Ltd
Downloads: 14
Date Added: 2007-07-26
Date Release: 2007-06-27
License: Commercial
OS Support: Win98, WinME, WinXP
File Size: 607.83 Kb
Languages: English
Price: 69.95 USD

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